Kabbaland Fashion

“Vestiti di Senso”, “Dress by a meaning”. The Italian word “senso” can imply many different concepts: a literal meaning, a direction, an emotional stimulus, a way, an impression. 

Kabbaland Fashion is made for you, to stand out, be unique and non-conforming to current trends. Kabbaland Fashion is a Kabbalah inspired brand. Kabablah is a esoteric science which considers the appearing universe as The Dress through which the Divine Mind reveals itself while hiding.

Kabbaland fashion:  Italian excellence blending with Jewish tradition. The finest fabrics, handmade embroidery, artisanal tailored dresses that honor the prestigious tailoring tradition of  “Made in Italy” , characterized by an ever present and unique care for details.

Dresses are therefore holy vestments of your body, which becomes the true House of Divine Presence.

By wearing Kabbaland Fashion, you will be funding our first Kabbaland Eco-village.

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